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About Us

The Big Dog Story...

In the beginning...

Many years ago in a little kitchen, in a duplex, on the east side of Green Bay, salsa was made.  Using a family recipe we produced our first batch, Mason's Big Dog Salsa, named after our first born.  Greg, our official taste tester, didn't think it was hot enough.  Throughout the years, many combinations of ingredients were tested until he found the perfect blend.  We also changed the name to MC's Big Dog Salsa, to include our second son, Carson.   

In the present...

Now, years later, after giving away thousands of pints and quarts of our liquid gold to our followers, we are in the salsa business.  MC's Big Dog Salsa LLC was formed in July 2009.  Armed with a canning certificate from the state of Wisconsin, membership at the Brown County Culinary Kitchen in Green Bay, WI, state approval of our process, and the freshest local produce you can buy, we are open for business.  Check out our contact page to see how you can try some of our salsa and become a MC's Big Dog Salsa fan! 

Where can you get Big Dog?

Waseda Farms DePere, WI

 330 Reid St, De Pere, WI 

Contact MC's Big Dog Salsa directly

(920) 360-9951

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